It Was You (pt.1)




Before anything else. Before I fell in your words, in your actions. It was you – I fell for.

You were different Nate. You told me once, “I hate it when a lot of guys look at you the way I look at you.” I was stunned, I thought he knew that his looks or stares were more than ghosts’ stares. I mean, the way he looks at me it melts my heart and not only heart but my whole soul. He is really different from all the guys that I know.


“Baby, I can fight all the dragons and dinosaurs in every battle, just fight with me.”  He look at me with desire

“I can never win a fight without you” he added


“Nate, god knows how much I love you” I sobbed

“It’s just this – this relationship – won’t work anymore. Maybe, the perfect time will come that I will you even more – more than how many people love the golds. Just remember this, It was only you…”


“Only what Lovely?” he whispered


And that was the last word I heard from him.


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