It Was You (pt. 3)

Three years later…


It wasn’t easy. Past years, I always feel dying… storms were coming and I’m thinking it was his medicine, karma, for giving him a heartbreak; pain.

Now, I’m looking forward. Moving on from the past because like what a lot of people said, “The Past is past”. We can’t change it but we can start over again to make ourselves better.

Think about now. Thank for the things you have now. Just think about now!


“It was hard. Moving on is like you’re trying to be physically fit and thin so you must undergo with workouts and balance diet. Foods have limitations, and if you’re not a vegetarian it will be really hard.”


“You do?” Miguel asked, my gay friend


“What do you mean?”


“You do really move on?” he asked


“Of course I am. You’re doubting me, Miguel”
I’m asking myself too. I really do?


“Because you love him more than you, me, and all people love golds”

And I don’t know what to say.



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