Afraid to risk in Love

Is it my fault that I’m not brave enough
to tell you something about how I feel towards you?
I like you –
but I don’t have any courage, any spunk
to tell you about it.

I’m not afraid if you’ll let me go
I’m not yet afraid if you can’t wait anymore
because I can still save myself
and love myself ford doing this

Is it my fault not telling you about my feelings?
That’s why we ended like this
having problem but we both don’t know
near to end –
’cause slowly we’re getting there

Is it my fault if you finally give up?
because I’m being coward not to tell you
about what I feel
I like you –
but I’m too late to tell that
because you’re slowly not getting in touch of me,
because you’re slowly not showing
how you feel like before

Is it my fault?
because I didn’t risk.
I’m afraid to risk.