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At this age, I realize that life is not all about living in it. You must learn, know the limits, break some rules, and survive this shits of life.

Today, it is a sunny day. Everyone is lively and happy. And I am observing what some people do, because we’re not the same at all though.

Looking someone right now. She’s a girl. She’s smiling and laughing with her friends. But you won’t see those smile in the dark room of hers, you won’t see those smile in the comfort room while she’s looking at her reflection on the mirror observing how her tears flow on the cheeks. She’s a mess, she’s in the dark but when you see her walking towards in the room full of people and her friends you won’t see those red eyes, a poker face full of pain, but you would see her smiling like how sun shining bright.


The Plate Boundaries

It was like a nightmare
me and her – we were best friend
and yet, the relationship we have were diverged;
we both move away from each other
because it was meant to be diverged.

It’s like life wants me to feel broken often
me and him –
we converged,
we collide
but there was an event occurred, the earthquake
someone is not happy, someone is hurt
and because it was meant to happened.

Lastly, I felt numb for this often happens
me and a group of friends –
we were legendary,
we were solid
now, we sliding past each other
like we never made memories
and a history.