The Plate Boundaries

It was like a nightmare
me and her – we were best friend
and yet, the relationship we have were diverged;
we both move away from each other
because it was meant to be diverged.

It’s like life wants me to feel broken often
me and him –
we converged,
we collide
but there was an event occurred, the earthquake
someone is not happy, someone is hurt
and because it was meant to happened.

Lastly, I felt numb for this often happens
me and a group of friends –
we were legendary,
we were solid
now, we sliding past each other
like we never made memories
and a history.


A night which always the same

The lights are off
the stars are shining
and the moon is
here we go again,
another night where
i feel so empty
and out of place

another night where
sadness will fill me
and loneliness

another night where
i lay on my bed
and only those pillows
and a blanket
can comfort me

another night
which i hate sometimes
because only a non-living thing
is there for me.

Afraid to risk in Love

Is it my fault that I’m not brave enough
to tell you something about how I feel towards you?
I like you –
but I don’t have any courage, any spunk
to tell you about it.

I’m not afraid if you’ll let me go
I’m not yet afraid if you can’t wait anymore
because I can still save myself
and love myself ford doing this

Is it my fault not telling you about my feelings?
That’s why we ended like this
having problem but we both don’t know
near to end –
’cause slowly we’re getting there

Is it my fault if you finally give up?
because I’m being coward not to tell you
about what I feel
I like you –
but I’m too late to tell that
because you’re slowly not getting in touch of me,
because you’re slowly not showing
how you feel like before

Is it my fault?
because I didn’t risk.
I’m afraid to risk.


You know how much I love sunflowers
but you always give me roses

You know I love the fragrance of the sunflowers
but you love giving me roses

You know I love yellow
but you always choose the red one

You know everything about me
but you choose not to remember

That’s why I always pretend that I like you for giving me roses
with a fake smile
but you never see it in my eyes
because you always choose what makes you happy
and you always prioritize yourself for being happy

 You never know what being man means

What life is? 

It was a bleak night

The stars shone

The moon’s so wonderful —

I can live at the top of the building, just looking at those wonderful things. 

        Yet, the reality won’t live for nothing.
Life always hit you, isn’t it? 
Life is weird. It’s ironic. 

This explains everything:

It gives you friends to bond with, to share with, and to talk about life. Then, more than friends and became your best friend.
It’s ironic —

Then, she will be your best enemy.